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Our High Quality, Organic Greek Oregano Tea, with its peppery, slightly bitter taste, is a loose leaf infusion, ideal for cold winter days. The leaves and flowering stems may help prevent infections, soothe a cough and relieve indigestion.


Net weight 0.7oz  (20gr)



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ORGANIC GREEK OREGANO TEA | Refill | Benefits of oregano tea

  • How to prepare

    Usage : Ηerbal Tea, Culinary 

    Brewing   Place a teaspoon of the product in a mug and fill with boiling water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove herbs or strain. Enjoy your cup of tea! 

  • Taste tips

    Add honey or lemon to flavor your tea

  • Warnings

    Beware that certain spices, may cause severe allergic reactions, warns the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Seek emergency care if you experience any unusual symptoms. 

  • Ingredients

    Scientific name: Origanum vulgare
    Family: Lamiaceae

    • 100% natural Greek product.
    • No preservatives. No artificial ingredients.
    • Certified organic, handpicked and unprocessed.
  • Story

    It is a plant indigenous to Greece and our personal favorite. The name comes from the Greek words "oros," which means "mountain," and "ganos," which can be translated as "joy." To put it simply, "oregano" means "mountain of joy." This perennial herb is prized for its intense aroma and beneficial properties, offering both flavor and nutrition. Greek oregano tisane has been consumed for centuries in Greece, both as preventative and curative.  The Ancient Greeks knew the healing power and the oregano tea benefits either steeped in a hot tisane or added to food for taste.

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