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7 senses


Meet our team William Karis and Patricia Graells. Both coming from European backgrounds, learned the value of using natural herbal products available in the Mediterranean.

'Every summer both of our families took us to spend time in our villages, where they used to give us herbal teas for different reasons: for example lavender to relax at night, thyme when we had a sore throat, etc. Since we have this common background, we wanted to share and educate the world with our heritage and knowledge about the benefits of mediterranean teas, especially in countries like the US where there are a lot of preservatives and caffeine everywhere'

loose leaf tea new york
usda organic certification
bio organic
bio organic certification

Our farmers in the northern part of Greece, outside of Thessaloniki, hand pick, naturally dry, and pack our products to the highest standards of Bio Hellas and USDA certifications. To emphasize, all our products are fertilizer free and pesticide free, just virgin Greek Earth.


In order to achieve this, Seven Senses provides opportunity to local workers, 90% women that live in small villages around Thessaloniki.


'All of our packaging is made with recyclable and biodegradable materials. We are Bio Hellas #3 certified as well as USDA Organic certified. All our products are hand planted, hand picked, naturally dried and hand packed in Greece


To achieve the best distribution success in the Americas, the Corporate offices and Warehouse are currently in New York City

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