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Loose leaf tea vs bagged tea

Updated: May 17, 2023

Ever wonder why loose leaf tea is better than bagged tea? Here are some reasons why:

  1. Quality of the tea. Tea in tea bags are usually the left overs from the loose leaf tea packing process. The leaves are often beaten up, dusty, and the lowest quality of the whole process, using stems. This mixture is then ground up and put in a bag. With loose leaf tea that is hand picked and hand packaged like our Seven Senses teas, you experience only the buds and flowers from each herb, no stems, therefore all its properties are present when steeping it with the right amount of water.

  2. Tea leaves need room to expand. The most important part of steeping any tea is the expansion of the tea leaves, and in a tea bag, the tea leaves are unable to do so because of the restrictive tea bag. This causes a decrease in its flavor. Using the right loose leaf tea stainless steel infuser (available in our Seven Senses shop) will allow your tea leaves to expand and you will be able to reuse the infuser as many times as you want.

  3. Tea flavor. Because the fact that left overs are used and those are grounded up, the tea loses many of its essential oils and aroma, resulting in more tannins in the tea, therefore you end up drinking more bitter tea if you choose bagged tea. Our Seven Senses loose leaf teas allow you to let them steep them as long as you want without getting that bitterness.

As a summary, getting used to brewing loose leaf tea is not more expensive, and with the right infuser, your brew will taste better and will be of better quality. Making the right choices in your daily habits will increase your health and you will feel better overall.

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